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Have pencils will draw!

Colored pencils on Stratmore vellum. One of a small series of illustrations showing how the wasp attacks and kills cicadas. Client: Chicago Tribune

place setting

Pencil on Stratmore vellum. Watercolor created seperately and merged together in Photoshop. Client: Chicago Tribune

Eating an elephant!

Pencil on Strathmore vellum. Illustration from the wonderful illustrated book; ‘What the Great Ate,’ by Matt and Mark Jacob, portraying 25 historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Bette Davis, Wade Boggs, Elvis Presley and others in humorous eating moments. Buy the book ...

The ghosts of Wrigley Field, Chicago

Pencil illustrations with watercolor that accompanied a Mark Jacob history of Wrigley Field. Client: Chicago Tribune

The cookie baker's treasure map

Pencil illustrations with watercolor. Client: Chicago Tribune